Not what is there, but what we see.

During the week, I’m a thirty-something IT professional, but I spend weekends immersed in other worlds via the medium of Live-action Roleplaying.

Back in 2012, I picked up a camera for the first time, and set out to capture memories… and to show the world just what we see in such games.

About me

I’m an amateur photographer, and I mostly shoot candid shots of events (usually larp), and character/costumed portraits.

I try to take an insider view, and to show what’s happening within the game, rather than logistics that make it happen – and when it comes to portraiture, I’m generally trying to show the character, not the person playing them.

I am not currently seeking commercial work, but am keen to shoot visually unique larp events, as well as those taking the medium in new directions. I’m also interested in further opportunities for esoteric portraiture – but distance to Cambridge, UK, will be a factor there.

My go-to camera gear is Fuji’s mirrorless system, but I love to experiment with chemical processes, and bringing prints and other ephemera back into the game – making photography a part of the game, not just a memory for afterwards.

The rest of this page contains some favourite shots of mine from the last few years, and some contact details are at the bottom.

Event Photography

Posed Portraiture

Candid Portraiture